What if...

...turning all those ideas into real adventures, actions and achievements wasn't as far away as you think?

Making Your Dreams Come True Shouldn’t Be Something You Have To Wait For

Yet, so often it is. 



…and just hold onto that image for a little bit longer so I can explain. 

Erm, yeah, hi! I’m Kirsty (*waves*) – quadragenarian, contrarian, comedian, speaker, wild-gesticulatrice, person-unable-to-hide-my-thoughts-from-my-face. All of that and a bit more besides: wife to a redhead, mother to a pre-school wild child, sports & fitness nut and impossible fidget. 

I have things I want to say. Big things that I want to change and to say the things and make the changes I need to well, say things and do things. And this is my world of saying and doing. You’d be well within your rights to ask who the hell I AM to be saying anything at all about anything at all? But then again, I’d likely retort with why the hell not? Why shouldn’t I be the one who shouts a bit louder, goes left when others are going right and wears flipflops in the depth of winter?

It’s more than an issue of time and none of us getting out alive. It’s way more than that. It’s this: we are ALL links in the giant chain of life (sounds deep, right?). And a good chain needs strong links. We need to be those strong links. No pussy-footing around. No tip-toeing around an issue. Be more bulldozer. 

So what’s all this got to do with that baby? 

Ah yes! Well, I’m not a natural bulldozer-type. So I figured I’d need a bit of help to metaphorically “blow the bloody doors off”. And that’s where these three and their unlikely lovechild came in – the back up for when I haven’t got the balls to do it myself. Not yet, anyway. 

In a bonkers world, humour, pragmatism, positivity, creativity, downright bloodyminded determination and boldness with a hint of individuality is going to go a long way. So that’s what I’m aiming for. And this is where it all lives.

And what exactly has this got to do with you?

Well, we are ALL (yes, you too) links in the giant, neverending chain of life. But quite frankly, most of us – me included – are just not playing big enough to make enough of a difference, in the way only we can. And that’s pants. Because the reasons we don’t is normally something silly like worrying what someone else (who incidentally is probably also worrying about the same thing) might think. Pants. Utter, utter nonsense and pants. 

So I’m crusading to shake things up. As much as I can in my way. I’d love you to join me. It’ll be like Monty Python’s Knights of Ni but more social change than shrubbery.

Go on…I dare you!


This online stuff is tricky isn’t it! You never actually know who you’re talking to. So here I am…ta-da!!!!

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